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Among the many services 24 Seven Group offer, Cater Clean 24 Seven are able to offer a comprehensive Auditng Service to all clients to see exactly what has, or needs to be done with your Extract Ventilation System. Sometimes, making sure your legal requirements and environmental obligations are met, can be a costly business. Our Auditing Service can be utilised to ensure that you are getting the service you pay for and that your obligations are met to expected standards.

Date: 5/8/2013

Our service involves a full assessment and reporting service allowing you full view of your Duct System. Photographic evidence as well as a written report and if necessary CCTV footage of your clean is available. During the audit a senior surveyor will attend your premises and access your system, noting all and any evidence of cleaning work carried out or to be carried out.

The method we use for auditing and forming the report, focuses on examination of a minimum of eight different locations throughout the system, to determine a complete picture of the grease build up, in compliance with B&ES (HVAC) Standards. Once these sites are identified, there are two different possible methods to test the thickness of the deposits. 

Deposit Thickness Test (DTT). This method uses an electromagnetic induction type thickness gauge to measure the thickness if the film. This method is particularly good at measuring hard deposits on a flat surface.

Wet Film Thickness Test (WFTT). This method uses a stainless steel gauge, either a Wet Film Comb (WFC), which is cpable of meaasuring 25 to 1200 microns (fym) in increments or the Wet Film Wheel (WFW) which is capable of measuring 0 to 1500fym.

The WFC and the WFW can be used on flat and curved surfaces. These gauges are particularly good at measuring soft and liquid deposits.

This will be backed up by photographic and or as necessary CCTV images. The report will be recieved by yourselves along with the pre-clean and if applicable post clean images and results.

This service is not only of value to existing clients who can see with complete transparency the quality of work carried out by our operatives, but also to new and prospective clients where they may have concerns regarding the quality of work carried out by previous contarctors, or may have reservations as to the necessity of the work required. 

Should you be interested in our Auditing Service or require more detailes information, please do not hesitate to call Cater Clean on 0870 300 3232 or email 

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