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The past month has been a very busy and highly productive time in the Cater Clean Office, having successfully secured contracts at several of the UKs major snack producing facilities, and ready meal factories. 

Date: 19/9/2013

The success of the sales team, has added to the technicians motivation in providing a highly professional and top class service to the high profile clients, and sees our teams travelling the length and breadth of the country. They say variety is the spice of life, our teams certainly have that in their life on a daily basis now with the diverse surroundings and specialised cleaning skills needed to ensure all jobs are completed to the highest of standards expected whilst maintaining all health and safety protocol in such strict environments. 

Aswell as the success of the office securing the works, we are seeing a huge rise in the need of our Auditing service. Many large food manufacturing and production companies are taking advantage of the comprehensive auditing service we offer to view the success of any works they have carried out, to check quality and get an independant and impartial view on what does or maybe does not need to be done.

We at 24 Seven are continually looking to add to our ever increasing list of high profile clients, as well as keeping the ethos of providing the best service to all customers, however large, small, well established or new the business maybe. To take advantage of any of the 24 Seven Group services call 0870 300 3232

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