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Earlier this year the World Federation of Building Service Contractors updated its report into Cleaning For Health, a report which outlines the WFBSC vision for preventing the spread of disease. This report defines the cleaning industries role in promoting and protecting public health. 

Date: 16/7/2013

The report clearly states that consistent daily cleaning is our first defence against superbugs such as Influenza, E-Coli, C-difficile, and MRSA. The standards necessary to combat these are clearly maintained and understood in the health sector, and adhered to stringently. In the mainstream sectors of Offices, Retail, Schools, Colleges, Hotels and Public Transport however, the role of a healthy and daily cleansed environment is less understood and the impetus to be as stringent in its responsibilites to the public welfare is less well adhered too. 

The Chief Medical Officer, has been called upon by the British Cleaning Council, to push for increased cleanliness in public areas and ensure strategies are in place to combat the bacteria that threatens us all. Mr Andrew Large, who was until recently the Secretary General of The British Cleaning Council stressed that proper strategies to sanitise public spaces such as those stated, are vital preventative measures. " As antibiotic resistance increases, cleaning will become even more important to heakth globally. Effective cleaning will become a key factor in the difference between excellent and under performing schools, booming businesses and a stagnant economy, and whether our hospitals are able to cope"

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