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Using a hygiene maintenance company to effectively manage your extraction systems is a solution to many business maintenance requirements.  Whether you extraction systems are wet extraction such as grease and steam, or dry like laundry and air systems,  each ducting system needs to be thoroughly cleaned and maintained to prevent the many risks posed by grease and dirt accumulation.

Date: 9/10/2013

As no two business requires the same cleaning schedule, there is never a blanket plan as to how your needs can be accurately met. This is where the benefits of 24 Seven Group experience and expert knowledge can make the difference to your business getting value for money. The best way to start with making a monetary difference Is to note the benefits that a fixed term contract with 24 Seven Group can offer.

As well as long term fixed rates and discounts, we offer group discounts and benefits including auditing and free access hatch installation. This all ensures that over the contracted time, you have peace of mind that comes with knowing your systems are cleaned to the highest standard and monitored to ensure that as the levels rise again, we are at hand to maintain the cleaning cycle and document and record for your Health and  Safety records and your insurance records, exactly what has been, and what will be, or indeed what needs to be done on a schedule that suits your requirements.

For further information on our competitive contract benefits and how we can best service your business, call us on 0870 300 3232.

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