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This year has seen massive growth within the 24 Seven Group, from expansion of services, to opening a new central office to focus the daily needs of our divisions. As business has grown, so has investment in our equipment to ensure that our commitment to top class standards continues to be met as our portfolio of large scale clients grows.

Date: 4/9/2013

After a very busy and highly diverse summer, cleaning many large food preperation factories and school kitchen areas, Cater Clean 24 Seven have expanded their work force with new teams on the road, training all new technicians to the highest of standards.

Alongside this, Clean Air 24 Seven have made significant investments into new technology which will increase the eficiency of the cleaning process and enable the Clean Air teams ability to move from the smallest to the largest of dry duct system cleans, with smooth and effieciently effictive ease. 

The new unit purchased is for use on dry ducting only, allowing us to expand our division into areas as diverse as care home and hotel laundry ducts, to clean air systems in retail and leisure areas. The new technology will allow us to remove the smallest dust particles with a high speed brush rotation system that loosens and carefully vacuums the waste simultaneously.

Having made the commitment to providing a high spec, technologically advanced service, we hope to see our Clean Air division grow with the same success as Cater Clean 24 Seven have over the past 12 months.

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