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Building and Business insurance in these economic times can be a costly affair. The necessity of having a valid and comprehensive insurance policy for your business is without doubt one of the most important factors in maintaining a valid enterprise. 

Date: 24/2/2014

In any industry that involves food preparation and cooking , the stipulations put in place by the company supplying the Insurance Policy, can be very strict and the need to maintain exact compliance with these is imperative, as slack practices can invalidate your policy. The damage that can be caused by a fire in an unclean extract system can completely destroy a business causing loss of business and earnings, and endangering the lives of any persons on the premises.

To ensure that the specific stipulations put in place to ensure compliance with these policies are enforced, Cater Clean 24 Seven and Deep Clean 24 Seven, have the knowledge and expertise to carry out hygiene and cleaning programmes that are tailored to your specific needs. We also supply you with fully documented and reported accounts of all work that needs to be done, a complete programme of works schedule and detailed photographic evidence of before and after work carried out on your premises to comply with all and any insurance standards that need to be met.  Our auditing team can also reassure you that all work certificated by ourselves has been done to necessary standards, or alternatively can check to see if previous works have been done to be standard or indeed whether or not the work in question needs to  be done .

The Following points where taken from a London Fire Brigade Statement as to Why Maintenance Should Be Carried Out On Kitchen Extract Systems

•             You will reduce the risk of fire.

•             It prevents the build-up of grease deposits and bacteria within your kitchen extraction system.

•             Under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety)Order2005, your extract systems need to be included in your fire risk assessment with action                          taken to minimise any potential fire risk to buildings and occupants.

•             Failure to carry out proper cleaning and maintenance could lead to a breach of Environmental Health regulations and could invalidate your                    fire insurance policy.

Call 24 Seven Group to see how we can help your business. 

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