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Quality, Health and Safety & Environment (QHS&E)

The process for the Control of Sub Contractors is very important for Daily Clean 24Seven all sub-contractors are representatives of our company whilst on site and during any interactions with customers.

We work very closely with all our suppliers and sub contractors to ensure that they are clear on our goals and intentions and therefore behave in an appropriate manner on site. We meet with suppliers and sub contractors monthly to review performance and we also audit for non conformance.

Daily Clean 24Seven holds all relevant certificates and policy statements for supplier contracts to ensure compliance with regard to Health and Safety and Environmental Issues.

The 24Seven Group takes its environmental responsibilities very seriously and in addition to our comprehensive environmental policy we ensure that we have taken out environmental insurance for all our activities, we have never had enforcement action taken against us for environmental issues.

In addition to this we are registered with (an environmental agency recommended website) who provides us with all legislative updates as and when these occur. Should we require any further competent environmental advice, particularly when carrying out our quarterly environmental reviews; we use the Environmental Agency for any queries.

Health and safety, quality Issues and environmental issues in Supervision Assured falls under the department of Customer Support and is internally administered by the QHS&E Assistant in conjunction with the Customer Support Manager. Health and safety is verified by an external health and safety specialist (Peninsula Business Services) who provide all document templates, legislation updates and advice on health and safety matters. Peninsula also carries out a health and safety audit annually to ensure compliance. The last one was held on February 4th 2011.


In addition to Peninsula, Supervision Assured Ltd is accredited by SAFEcontractor who audit all health and safety processes relevant to current business practices. This is also carried out annually with the next audit due in June 2011.

Within the company all employees are given a Staff Safety Handbook, which outlines the company's responsibilities and policies in addition to their responsibilities as an employee.

The Managing Director has overall responsibility for environmental and quality performance. The Customer Support Manager and QHS&E Assistant write and review the policies and run the "objective tracker" which has specific tasks for managers to assist in the reduction of environmental impact and close out any quality issues (please view "additional information") The Operations Manager is responsible for ensuring that all staff are briefed on Environmental and Quality information and also that the practices in place on site are as environmentally friendly as possible. The Operations and General Managers also plan works to be in the same geographical area for Mobile / Window Cleaning Operatives in order to reduce the use of vehicles.

Supervisors and Mobile / Window Cleaning teams ensure that they adhere to all procedures and can offer up new working practices or suggestions for environmentally friendly or quality issues. They also ensure that their teams are fully briefed

Site Operatives adhere to all procedures and can offer up new working practices or suggestions for environmentally friendly or quality issues.

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