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Tools and Innovations used to deliver the service

We believe that innovation is crucial in all aspects of our business. This can range from how we manage our staff and use our Mobile Team to the new products and techniques that we are consistently monitoring and trialling on site. By understand that innovation is crucial to remain relevant to our customers we are constantly striving to take full advantage of developments in technology particularly with regards to the environment.

Recycled Chemical Bottles - We will not contribute to your site waste.

We understand and appreciate that companies have strong Corporate and Social Responsibility statements and Environmental Policy statements and we are committed to helping our customers reduce waste streams on site and resource use i.e. water. We do not want to contribute to this and have therefore reviewed our existing processes and our arrangement with our product supplier is to remove any chemical bottles supplied by their company, when delivering new orders, and these are then recycled at the North London Recycling Depot where the bottles are recycled, free of charge to our customer.

Environmentally friendly products

In addition to this the products we can use are biodegradable and are environmentally friendly, where possible. We use microfiber technology on site which means that, for the purposes of dusting, cleaning or mopping much less chemical product is required to clean effectively.  Another environmental benefit is that the cloths and mop heads are laundered at our Head Office main store facility using the water from our Bore Hole. These can then be used again. This has significantly reduced the wastage of cloths and mop heads and the amount of chemicals used on site. Therefore it has cut down on the number of deliveries made to site

We have worked to reduce the consumable washroom costs by supplying a streamlined product range to our customers but with the option of specific products on request. This format allows us to achieve the best price, offer environmentally friendly, sustainable products and minimise packaging.

Training and Mobile Teams

Our main asset is our employees and we consistently invest in training and procedures to ensure that the highest level of service is being provided. Following a staff review in 2009, we removed the Area Supervisor role.

We wanted clear communication and shared knowledge to ensure the highest level of service for our customers. Now we have a highly trained mobile team who operate across our whole network of sites and services. All managers and mobile operatives operate on new sites as they come on line. This means that we can deploy any member of our team to your site to cover when required or carry out a site audit, customers can be confident that there will be a seamless service. 

In addition to procedures and products to ensure that our environmental impact is as low as possible we ensure that all of our mobile work are grouped together to minimise transport movement on the environment. We started the process during 2010 of new van purchases over to more environmentally friendly vehicles.

All mobile vehicles are tracked and the system provides detailed management information with regards to fuel usage, prospective fuel usage and distance travelled.

Cartridge Recycling

We work closely with a cartridge recycling company. We can collect empty cartridges from site on their behalf, these are then recycled and a percentage of the money earned is donated directly to one of five charities. This is available to all of our customers as a free service and in managed buildings; we can also offer this to your tenants free of charge.

News letter

The 24Seven Group circulate an electronic newsletter the "Monthly Clean Up" to our existing customers with updates on new staff, new policies of procedures and any offers or specialise works that may be of interest.

PAT Testing

Daily Clean24Seven has an external accredited company who are qualified and have a working, active document of all machinery and equipment owned by us. Our customers can always be assured that the equipment on site is safe and up to date.

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